Mission Statement

The Office of Parish Giving and Annual Catholic Appeal, under the direction of Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello, Vicar for Development, coordinates activity that supports the ministries and services for 187 parishes in Brooklyn and Queens, with parishioners who speak 127 languages.

The Annual Catholic Appeal ensures that the vital ministries of the Diocese of Brooklyn receive the financial support necessary to continue to grow and thrive. We strive to fund the vision of our Diocese while sharing the Gospel and living in charity.

We dedicate ourselves to seeking financial and philanthropic gifts, which is very important because it inspires God’s people to holiness through the practice of self-giving. Through our baptism we are called to be disciples of Christ. We proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and follow the commandment to “love one another” by serving the needs of all God’s people and the needs of our community, and by making a significant and positive impact on the lives of our neighbors and fellow parishioners.

We encourage the people of the Diocese to accept the responsibilities present on all followers of the Gospel to share their time, talents and treasures with those who are less fortunate. We inspire people to become the voice of those who have little or none. Together with the people we serve, we seek to find creative solutions to the causes of injustice.

It is through our efforts that we are able to share the gifts God has given us and distribute our resources justly to:

  • Feed the hungry
  • Serve the sick
  • Minister to the homeless
  • Strengthen our Catholic Schools
  • Teach and promote the Catholic faith
  • Provide need-based scholarships for Catholic education
  • Nourish the spiritually hungry
  • Welcome the stranger without prejudice and celebrate our cultural diversity
  • Care for our senior priests
  • Encourage and form vocations for generations to come
  • Strengthen our parishes

We pray that through the grace of God and Mary, our patroness, we can continue these good works.